Aspa Tentative Agreement

The NCC includes four association representatives and four employer representatives. It has the power to negotiate collective agreements, enter into an interim collective agreement with the employer and terminate the employer in writing before the contract expires. As you can see in our last blog post, we have reached a preliminary agreement and we are moving forward with briefings and votes. This is a three-year contract from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022. No, only those who have reached the 20-year threshold and 25 years of service at the time of the signing of the new agreement can retain recognition in retirement in accordance with Article 12.13 of the agreement. The collective agreement recognizes service to the USFA as part of the equitable division of tasks and can be included as a contribution to the university`s administrative responsibilities for consideration in college processes. Please think about volunteering. Your help is greatly appreciated. How do my reports apply to psychologists and social workers? Yes, there may be twice if you cannot get a raise: 1) You are at the top of the pay range or 2) the employer withheld the increase because the employer felt that your benefit was considered unsatisfactory (Article 9.5). The work of the USFA is mainly carried out by committees. It depends to a large extent on volunteers in all the committee`s work, in policy-making and in the implementation of due process. The USFA has three types of committees: the USFA, in collaboration with the unions representing the Faculty of Enstminen and U of R, has created SAUT with the aim of achieving together the highest standards of academic excellence in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge, which must be obtained mainly through teaching, scholarship, research and the public service. USFA appoints a representative for THE SAUT.

Yes, you would be eligible for the signing bonus, but you will receive the actual allowance upon your return or the corresponding award date (s) (December 15, 2020 and May 15, 2021), depending on what is later. The Joint Performance Committee consists of three members appointed by each party. It is an active committee that meets at least once a month. It was set up in 2000 with primary responsibility for all non-pension benefits; Consider new performance plans Recommending that the collective bargaining committee change performance plans; and try to resolve members` complaints about performance plans. The Grievance Committee Association (AGC) receives and reviews complaints from association members, advises on matters that should be dealt with within the Joint Appeals Commission, and assumes responsibility for the complaint in accordance with Section 2.2. This subcommittee of the USFA Executive Committee was established in 2010. The objective is to evaluate the overall work of the association, refer the questions to the appropriate USFA committees and formulate work plans for review by the Executive Committee. It is made up of 4 members of the USFA executive and staff. The JGC has three employer representatives and three association representatives.

It endeavours to resolve complaints and complaints about conditions of employment, either in the form of informal investigations or through formal appeal procedures. It meets once a month. All discussions, position papers, documents, letters and other documents received by the MCO or JGC are confidential. The communications committee`s objective is to improve communication with USFA membership. It consists of at least 3 members, with 2 members of the executive, and meets every week from September to June. The office consists of 12 members elected for a two-year term.