Nurses Enterprise Agreement Nt

5.1 This arbitration award contains facilitation provisions that allow an agreement to be reached between the employer and the workers on how to apply specific employment bonus rules. Facilitation provisions are set out in point 5.3. The SWS wage determination contract refers to the document as required by the Ministry of Social Services, which covers the worker`s production capacity and the agreed rate of pay (v). Any worker who is transferred under this clause is not re-employed for a period of two years. Both years can be abandoned with the agreement of the worker concerned. (a) by the employer or employee who gives the other party 13 weeks` notice and the agreement that is no longer in effect at the end of the notice period, or (b) that the worker is generally better than the worker at the time of the agreement if no individual flexibility agreement had been reached. (g) An agreement must not have the effect that the worker`s accumulated entitlement to paid annual leave lasts less than four weeks. B.5.2 All assessments carried out on this schedule must be recorded in a SWS wage assessment contract and retained by the employer as a time and salary record in accordance with the law. Note: If any of the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) of the Act 2009 that is reflected in the requirements of this clause are not met, the agreement may be terminated either by the employee or by the employer, with a written termination of up to 28 days (see p. 145 of the law). b) When a worker is transferred voluntarily and the duration of the negotiations is negotiated, the maximum two-year period for transfers may be waived if the employee and the manager or his delegate reach an agreement.

The negotiated duration may be reduced to the time set by the director or his delegate if the transfer is no longer in the best interests of the fire and rescue services. (a) in writing, designate the parties to the agreement and be signed by the employer and the worker and, if the worker is under the age of 18, the worker`s parent or legal guardian; b) If the employer presents the transport in accordance with point 28.11 (iii) (iii), transportation is offered by the place of control or places defined by the employer in the agreement with the workers. This transport will have seats and protection from the elements. (a) Paid annual leave can only be paid on the basis of an agreement provided for in 18.11. The relevant quality of the person at the time of entering into a training contract as an apprentice (ii) term of the contract (if any); Note 1: Under section 344 of the Act, an employer cannot exert undue influence or undue pressure on a worker to make an agreement in accordance with point 18.11. 4.9 The right to enter into an agreement under item 4 is complementary and is not intended to otherwise affect an agreement between an employer and an individual worker, which is included in another period of this sentence. Training contract means that an internship agreement between an employer and an employee, a) Normal working hours for physical officers do not exceed 37.5 hours per week, 8 hours 20 minutes per day without meal breaks from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., notwithstanding the provisions of this hourly clause , departure and termination times may, subject to the agreement between the majority of workers in the part of the work concerned, in which a workers` representative may be involved, and the employer may be modified and written down. 19.10 In agreement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, a worker may take unpaid compassionate leave. (a) During school closures, these nurses take annual leave, free up their past hours from the 38-hour weekly rules and are available for service, including service courses, as required.