Platform Access Agreement

5.2. Respect for the law. You must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to your use of the platform and services, including and without limitation of all us export controls, import controls, sanctions, antiboycotts, money laundering, data protection, etc. Without limiting the universality of the above, you are solely responsible for the compliance of your use of the platform and services with existing laws, and you must not use the platform and services in any way that would be contrary to current legislation (for example. B to have access to certain technologies or payments if this was prohibited by current legislation). TLF controls and operates the platform from the United States of America and the entire platform may not be adapted or available for use on other sites. If you use the platform or part of the platform outside the United States of America, you are solely responsible for complying with local laws. 8.3 Disposal. You do not have the right to cede these rights, obligations, agreements, obligations, obligations and/or obligations under this directive, unless this is the case with our written consent. We may transfer or transfer our rights under these sub-rights to third parties without your consent, but subject to notice. 3.2 You provide information. We may ask you for additional information, confirmations or explanations when accessing the platform or certain parts or parts of the platform, and you will immediately provide this information, confirmations or explanations.

You guarantee and guarantee that any information, confirmation or statement you provide to us is accurate, true and complete and is not misleading under any circumstances. 3.6 Preserve the integrity of the platform. They must not include content, materials or codes containing viruses, Trojans, work, time bomb, cancelbot or other computer programming routines in the platform designed to damage, alter, intercept or expropriate the system, data or personal data. You agree not to re-disable, disable, disable, incriminate or otherwise affect the accessibility of the platform, the services we provide to you under an agreement or system, or to compromise the proper functioning of the platform, manipulation, reverse engineering or reprogramming, without restriction, to disable, incriminate or otherwise. 1.2. General restrictions. The customer cannot: a) rent, rent, copy, make the product available to a third party or sublicensing or use the product to provide a service to third parties, (b) decipher, decompil, decompil, disassemble or attempt to obtain the source code or APIs for the product; unless expressly authorized by existing legislation (and only after notice to Aumni), c) modify the product, or a product derived from any of the above, (d) remove or conceal the identification of the product, owner, copyright or any other indication in the product (including all reports or data printed on the product) (whether software or otherwise) or (f) the public dissemination of information or analysis on the performance of the product.