Southampton City Council Section 106 Agreement

Southampton City Council has been selected by the Department of Transport as one of 12 cities to receive a stake in the $1.3 billion transformation cities fund. The Council will launch an ambitious programme to implement projects that will build on a strong transportation policy, change routes and transport hubs, implement Southampton`s Mass transit system, and make the city centre a better place to live, supported by sustainable development. They should be able to provide written advice in all forms of planning requests, pre-candidate interviews and informal proposals, sections 38, 106 and 278 agreements, redress planning and enforcement investigations, in accordance with the direction of the transportation policy team. The “Statement of Support” section of the application form must be completed, which details how you meet the essential and, if necessary, desirable criteria for the role. A resume alone is not taken into account. Please provide the following information for all payments received in accordance with Section 106 Planning Agreements: `The Value of the Payment` – The Purpose of the Payment – The Amount of Payment That Was Spent – The Amount That Was Incurred but Unspent – The Amount That Was Not Incurred or Spent – The Amount That Was Refunded – The Reason for the Refund Please include these details. for the following years: 2012-13 – 2011-12 – 2010-11 – 2009-2010 – 2008-2009 Please also provide details of unspent funds dating from before 2008-9. Although CIL is non-negotiable (unless development is involved in certain exceptions/reliefs), a cost-effectiveness review may be presented to review planning commitments under S106. The Commission will endeavour to independently assess all applications for which the applicant pays the costs. Following the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Tax (CIL), the City Council revised its contributions to SPD developers (September 2013). These guidelines include DIE CIL, planning obligations (section 106 of the agreements) and planning conditions. Ms.

Hayhurst Please take note of an answer to your last question on freedom of information. Greetings, Michala Bartle Planning Requirements Monitoring Officer Planning, Transport – Highways _____unten is a freedom of information request I am sending you. I`ve already sent a confession to Ruth Hayhurst. Could you respond directly and within 20 business days to the BFI? The answer is expected by December 16, 2013. Can you make sure that your request contains the standard sentence for the final response and that you will get a management clearance before sharing all the information and copying your final response to Dani Mistry and me by quoting the reference number FOI ENQ-00111, after which we will close the file. Thank you Teresa Teresa Mrs Naylor Planning Service Beschwerde Officer Department of Regeneration – Culture (01274) 437030 Mobile (07582 102346) Planning Agreements Officer Tel: 023 8083 4247 Email: The successful candidate will be able to develop city plans for transport, focusing on specific growth strategies, including Intelligent Transport, Public Realm, Walking and Cycling, behavior changes and marketing strategies. In addition to helping transportation teams ensure transportation strategy and policy, a transportation project progress program, as defined in the LTP implementation plan and accompanying documents, will be developed.