Crown Melbourne Limited Enterprise Agreement 2019

25.6 In agreement with the university, an agent may benefit from longer annual leave at a lower rate of pay (for example. B 20 days of half-salary leave instead of 10 days of full leave). If, prior to the start of the agreement, a dispute settlement procedure has been initiated pursuant to Article 12 of the 2014 agreement and the subject of this dispute relates to the application of a provision or provision of the 2014 agreement that was pursued under that agreement, this dispute continues in accordance with the provisions of item 12 of the 2014 agreement. 79.11 An officer receiving a salary that does not exceed the level 7 salary prescribed for the top of the scale of a higher education worker (HEW) may, by mutual agreement between the agent and the university obtained prior to overtime work, take a period of leave instead of an overtime allowance calculated in the same way as that provided for in point 79.9 for the payment of overtime. 32.2 For the purposes of this clause, the overall revenue reduction test must be measured on an annual schedule and forecast basis for 2020 and 2021 relative to the overall 2019 revenue result. 2.8 An annualized working time staff member is an agent who, as such, is employed as such for a number of ordinary hours in a calendar year, as proposed by the university, in accordance with paragraph 16 or in agreement with the employee for annual hours. 43.16 An agent will enter into an agreement with the university on the payment of leave with a 60% salary. The agreement stipulates that the officer is required to return to his workplace for an equivalent period of time: the university advises and consults an agent when an overpayment has been found. The university will inform staff of the overpayment and will write to the staff concerned the available refund options. The repayment period is reasonable given the magnitude of the overpayment. The agent and the university negotiate in good faith to reach a repayment agreement that allows the university to deduct overpayment of the agent`s salary or notice, in accordance with the agreed repayment agreement. If such an agreement is not possible, the dispute resolution procedures under clause 12 of this agreement are used to obtain a result that allows the university to recover the overpayment, allowing the university to deduct any overpayment of the agent`s salary or termination allowances.

13.1 The university will inform the staff concerned and the NTEU whether a substantial or substantial change will have an impact on staff. In these circumstances, this change is not limited to outsourcing or contracting, nor to changes in higher education policy that have a significant and significant impact on the conditions of employment of staff. 57.6 If the agent or his elected representative is available within 14 days of the date he or she is present, the Vice-Chancellor will not terminate the employment of the officer in accordance with point 57.5 of this section, unless the findings of the report are confirmed by an independent expert appointed by the Vice-Chancellor with the agreement of the President of the Institution (or Delegate) of Monash University.