Ground Transportation License Agreement Information Form

For those who work in Park City, paid and Free Drop and Load – Staging (DLS) Zones have been created. For more information on DLS authorizations – call 435-615-5301 or visit or taxi operators hire at San Diego International Airport play a key role in providing first-class customer service for the travelling public. This is why it is important that all taxi companies are aware of all requirements and expectations. In the following links, you will find training materials made available to all taxi drivers. Once this training is complete, each operator will have the knowledge and information to provide our passengers with exceptional transport services. For more information, please call (435) 615-5221 or e-mail The Ground Transportation Project proposal form is used by REPRESENTATIVEs of NASE Transportation`s external interests to propose projects that would change the existing land transportation and/or operation of the SAN fleet. These include possible changes to royalties, operating model, capacity, flow, infrastructure, facilities, various processes, software and systems. Stakeholders are urged to discuss their proposed project with the Department of Transportation before completing the form to provide an overview of operational feasibility, potential project risks, costs and resources. Please contact Marc Nichols, Director of Ground Transportation, at (619) 400-2824 or email to get a project manager at SAN for your project.

Suggestions for changes to the ground transportation company Each company or person offering a rented wholesale or taxi service with a main site within the boundaries of Park City must receive a Park City For Hire Ground Transportation License. “Finance – Accounting” Services Apply for a Business License You can send questions, concerns and entries to Fares must be accessible to passengers and the name of the company must be on the vehicle while our front desk is closed, you can still submit an application for one of the following points: For additional requests/problems that are not mentioned, you can send an email to or leave a voicemail at (619) 400-2685 for some of the attached documents. You can download by clicking on the icons below. You can check the status summary for each specific action here. If you cannot make these schedules, please contact us at (619) 400-2685 to make an appointment.