Social Security Agreement Between Nz And Australia

may only qualify for a benefit outside New Zealand if it is entitled to that benefit under a reciprocal social security contract with New Zealand with that third country. 2. If, subject to this agreement, a person is entitled to receive a benefit under New Zealand Social Security law (including a person who has evidence under paragraph 1 or article 7 or both), but who depends on the presence in New Zealand, that person is deemed to be present in New Zealand for the purpose of paying that benefit. , if she usually resides in Australia and is present there. March 28, 2001 in Canberra. B.c) to amend and replace the amended Social Security Agreements, which was established on March 28, 2001 in the February 21, 2002 version (c) a special class visa holder within the meaning of the Australian Social Security Act. The Social Security Act 1999 (Law) implements all social security agreements between Australia and another country relating to social security reciprocity or aging when the text of the agreement is defined in an annex to the law. Section 6 of the law provides that the provisions of a draft international agreement on social security are effective despite everything in the Social Security Act. An agreement is an international agreement provided if the text of the agreement is defined in a timetable of Law 2. A reference to a benefit covered in this article with respect to Australia is an annuity, benefit or allowance paid in accordance with the laws that constitute Australia`s social security law, as amended from time to time, and, for New Zealand, any pension, benefit, allowance or advance granted by a competent institution, including surcharges resulting from the payment of benefits from Australia and New Zealand. 2. With regard to New Zealand, Section 99 (4) of the Privacy Act 1993 applies, for all necessary amendments, to an agreement between the competent bodies of the parties in accordance with point 1 (d). Unless provided for in this agreement, the persons to whom this agreement applies are treated equally by each of the contracting parties with respect to the rights and obligations arising from that party`s social security law, or as a result of this agreement.

When an Australian benefit is paid to an individual, either under the agreement or in some other way, the rate of that benefit is set in accordance with Australian social security legislation, but in the assessment of that person`s income, no New Zealand benefit paid to that person is considered income. 4. Where a person outside Australia is entitled to an Australian benefit under this agreement, the amount of that benefit does not include an additional benefit or allowance, unless it is paid to a person outside Australia, in accordance with the Australian Social Security Act.