Vendor Rebate Agreement In Ax 2012

Week, month, year, lifetime or adjusted period – The amount of the rebate is calculated first for individual invoices. Then, the purchases are accumulated over the specified period and the discount is recalculated for the amount of the purchase. Set the default discount program ID: Only the types of discount programs with the “return” program type are available for selection in the drop-down list. Once again, with a discount, buy the item at full price, unlike the discount if the money is saved immediately. Hello Parashar, How do I import discount agreements with Excel add on . I tried and there are only mistakes. This is a MDIS that had FullScope Processing Add-on discounts. There were other MDIS that provide functionality and probably others not supported. If margin warnings have been configured in the settings, the “Margin” section shows the price details in the form above, and indicates the impact of the reduction on the margin. For more information, please see The Implementation of Marginal Warnings.

The article Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Vendor Rebates Functionality appeared first on Arbela Tech. If you`re ready to process approved discount requests, click Process in the Functions Group`s Action Zone. If the value is available and the total purchase amount or amount exceeds this value, some combinations of the “Reduction Column Type” and “Amount Type Values” type type may lead to a miscalculation of discount amounts. Therefore, the following combinations are not allowed and you will receive a message if you try to enter them into the agreement: you can repeat the a-c steps if other claims need to be added to the cumulative group. Each time you accumulate, the system recalculates the discount for the claims group. Discounts are actually an agreement with one of its creditors, in which the lender provides a discount for purchases. This theme describes how you create commands that generate credit rebate requests. Amount per unit – The amount of the discount in the Value field is applied per unit purchased. As no authorization or accumulation by period is required, the right to the rebate is automatically generated and processed.

In addition, the system establishes the lender`s invoice, which contains a negative value for the amount of the refund.