Maskwacis Education Agreement

“Over the years, each of the authorities has worked in isolation and tried to improve educational services in their own communities,” said committee superintendent Brian Wildcat. According to the Commission, about 1,500 community members participated in consultations and more than 1,300 participated in surveys. Polls have shown that 92% of them support the creation of an education agency specific to maskwacis. Wildcat noted that the strength of this agreement came together with more than 30 community discussions with Maskwacis members as well as contributions from chiefs and councils. Federal Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott, who was in Maskwacis to make the announcement, said the agreement was seen as a model by First Nations across the country. This new funding model provides long-term resources for equal education and guaranteed funding for full-day kindergartens, language training, childcare and country training. Schools will work together to develop the curriculum and professional development. The Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission (MESC) is the new educational authority for the 11 schools and two head start programmes in Maskwacîs. Mesc`s main goal is to improve educational opportunities, services and student success for all students who attend our schools in Maskwacîs. “Our government is working with Indigenous communities to improve education outcomes for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.” We will focus on improving academic outcomes, culture and language programming, improving local history and locally developed courses, education on contractual rights and boarding schools, that kind of thing,” he said. On May 18, 2018, the four Maskwacîs Cree Chiefs signed a federal agreement on education that allows for the transfer of full educational authority to Maskwacîs. Looking back on the days when the treaties were first signed, the prayers of chiefs and leaders should see an agreement with balanced education, Chief Littlechild said. She said that in Nova Scotia and Manitoba, First Nations have experienced a significant increase in ratings and closing rates as a result of the implementation of similar cooperation agreements.

“This is a historic moment: through this agreement, the Maskwacîs Cree Nations have exercised their contractual right to education by delegating educational responsibility to MESC to provide quality and culturally relevant education for Maskwacî children,” said Brian Wildcat, Superintendent of MESC Schools. Maskwacis schools will be able to create their own training with stable funding, thanks to a historic agreement with the Canadian government. MASKWACÎS, CONTRAT 6 TERRITORY, May 18, 2018 /CNW/ – Today, the four Maskwacîs Cree Chiefs held a public ceremony to celebrate the signing of a pioneering agreement on First Nations education between the Maskwacîs Cree Nations and the Government of Canada, which marks the official transition to true local control of Cree Nations education in Maskwacîs. The Maskwacîs Cree Chiefs held a ceremony on Wednesday to celebrate the signing of a provincial education framework agreement between the four Maskwacîs Cree Nations and the Government of Alberta, which provides new funding for education by the province. This new agreement will help MESC develop its own curriculum. It`s such an exciting undertaking that First Nations communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan have turned to MESC leaders.