Band Partnership Agreement

Are there any models you recommend that would be a great example of a group agreement? The template is essentially a letter from one member of the group to another that says: ? I think that`s how we want the band to tour, so if you approve of me, sign the bottom of the letter to show it!?? If all members of the group sign the letter, the agreement is concluded – you have a written band agreement that can be useful if you make decisions and in case of disagreement. Some examples of high-level disputes between members of the band are Pink Floyd (David Gilmour and Roger Waters both claimed the use of the band`s name, and for a while there were actually two versions of the Pink Floyd tour at the same time) and Guns n Roses (Axl successfully established his right on behalf of the band, although more of the original members were reunited in another group – Velvet Revolver of course). Members of both groups spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a judge to determine what could have been established from the outset in a good agreement. If, for any reason, one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement are held to be invalid, illegal or, in any way, unenforceable, such invalidity, illegality or non-application shall not affect other provisions of this Agreement, but this Agreement shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision would never have been included in the Agreement, unless the deletion of this provision entails such a substantial modification which would have the effect of unduly concluding the operations provided for in this Agreement. Keywords: group contract, group contract, entertainment right, music law I have a label and if I sign a band that we have created, would another band contract be necessary or is it for independent self-made bands? Through Allen Linklaters, Arts Law has developed this short tape chord that can be used if a band wants to have a basic simple record about how they want to work together, who owns the music they make, and how they share expenses and income. You probably didn`t create your group because it was a good business decision. But whether you`re playing in the basement or traveling around Europe, if you`ll formalize your musical partnership now, you can avoid subsequent arguments and determine how group decisions are made. A group partnership contract keeps everyone in harmony. No waiver of performance of any condition or non-performance of any obligation under this Agreement shall be effective unless signed in writing and by the party granting the waiver. Such waiver shall not constitute a waiver of the performance of any other condition or the breach of any other obligation, and no waiver shall constitute a continuing waiver unless otherwise specified in writing. Groups that are not registered must sign a new agreement each time the group`s membership changes.

It may sound irritating – but not as irritating as trying to find former band members to resolve copyright when there`s a big break, maybe Universal Pictures would like to tell you about a movie soundtrack, and you don`t have a written tape agreement dealing with all these issues.