Consignment Agreement Horse

Before sending your horse to the consignment farm, make sure your horse`s insurance is up to date. If the horse is injured or killed, it is your loss. We all know that coaches want to earn more than the average commission of 10-15%, and some owners may find this acceptable if they receive their offer price. Navin says it doesn`t matter as long as the consignment contract sets a dollar lower than the sale price and the seller/recipient can take all funds beyond that amount. If someone offers to sell your horse for a 10% commission and you don`t pay the bills, know immediately that you are being deceived. It is important for owners to realize that pricing your horse is your responsibility before starting the deal. People orally change the terms of the agreement and these agreements are not respected. Most companies protect their assets, which makes it difficult to resort. When you are admitted, do it with a person who takes responsibility. Shipping with the actual owners of the horse and not with an agent of the owner. If you do, you will see that the agent has never had permission to bind the owner, and the contract will not be valid.

Also, as a shipper, you may not want the recipient to receive contractual pledges that allow them to keep your horse if you don`t pay your bills on time. “Issuances can be beneficial as long as the consignment contract is negotiated and signed before the parties enter into a transaction,” said Bonnie Navin, Florida Equine Attorney. .